Track Listings

Recent Forgeries 1998


Released 1998
Genre Spoken word
Producer Soundwaves


Recent Forgeries is the third studio album by the actor Viggo Mortensen, released in 1998.

The album features songs from his last album One Less Thing to Worry About, released in 1997, but there are two new songs called “1/2 Red” and “Massage School”. The album also comes with a book containing pictures and poetry.

Track listing

# Title Length
1. “Chaco”   0:11
2. “Show”   0:59
3. “Clear”   0:41
4. “Cuttings”   0:49
5. “Wading”   0:32
6. “1/2 Red”    
7. “Meet”   2:09
8. “Laureles”   0:15
9. “Reno”   0:22
10. “Cruelty”   0:06
11. “1959”   3:22
12. “Week Ends”   1:55
13. “Matinee”   0:17
14. “Prepare”   0:45
15. “Bedtime Story For Henry”   2:39
16. “Massage School”  


  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Buckethead
  • Exene Cervenka
  • Henry Mortensen
  • Travis Dickerson

At All 2008


Released January, 2008
Recorded November, 2007
Genre Spoken word
Length 50:00
Label TDRS Music
Perceval Press
Producer Travis Dickerson
Viggo Mortensen


At All is the tenth album by the actor Viggo Mortensen, released in 2008. The album was recorded before his last album Time Waits for Everyone of 2007 and released on the label TDRS Music along with his last album.

The album features the eighth collaboration with avant-grade guitarist Buckethead, plus producer and owner of the label TDRS Music, Travis Dickerson in one song. The rest of the songs are played by Viggo Mortensen alone, according to Mortensen when referring to the album, he said:

These soundscapes are not an invitation to drift off to sleep, but neither do they prohibit dreaming. As Poe put it, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night”.


# Title Length
1. “Blacksburg”    
2. “Bomb This”    
3. “Sorrow Acre”    
4. “Fear’s Echo”    
5. “Blind Rendition Fly-Over”    
6. “Shoreditch Nocturne”    
7. “Thanks, China; Keep The Change”    
8. “Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore”    
9. “At All”    


Viggo Mortensen


Travis Dickerson