Honoured in Hollywood

Mortensen honoured in Hollywood

(UKPA) – 12 hours ago


7997966Viggo Mortensen has been honoured for his work in film. 

The actor took to the red carpet in Hollywood as the American Film Institute (AFI) held a special evening in his honour as part of the AFI Festival, accompanying a screening of his new movie The Road. 

“It’s a team sport making movies,” said Viggo, whose other films include A History Of Violence and Eastern Promises. 

The star revealed his latest film, a post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible, was rife with challenges. 

“In this case it’s a story about a father and a son and if the son wasn’t a great actor and didn’t have a great emotional range I wouldn’t have done a very good job, I could have only gone so far,” he said. 

“I’m glad I’m not in as dire straights as he is but I understand the lessons he learned,” Viggo went on. 

“I learned a lot from telling the story. It’s always when things are difficult in your family and your life that you learn things, even if you don’t like that you’re learning.”


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