Time Waits for Everyone 2007

Released November 23, 2007
Genre Spoken word, Avant-Garde
Label TDRS Music
Perceval Press
Producer Travis Dickerson
Viggo Mortensen


Time Waits for Everyone is the ninth studio album of the actor Viggo Mortensen, released in 2007. It is Viggo’s first release to only feature himself playing piano without the collaboration of anyone else. All tracks are improvisations inspired from trips to Hungary, Germany, Poland, Russia, and according to Mortensen, remembrance of things past.

The album was released on Mortensen’s label Perceval Press but was later re-released on TDRS Music along with his next album At All.


# Title Length
1. “Confession”   3:24
2. “Berlin poem”   2:44
3. “Farvel farbror”   7:02
4. “Thursday”   2:22
5. “The lake”   5:11
6. “Oswiecem poem”   3:39
7. “Warzawa morning poem”   1:00
8. “You are there”   3:39
9. “Danube poem”   4:34
10. “Ashes”   2:18
11. “Ural poem”   3:28
12. “Time waits for everyone – usually”   4:41
13. “Time waits for everyone – always”   5:47
14. “Seed”   2:56
15. “Belzec poem”   3:15
16. “Munchen morning poem”   1:17
17. “Treblinka poem”   1:59
18. “Amends”   5:15


  • Viggo Mortensen – piano, voice, and producer
  • Travis Dickerson – producer, engineer, mastering, and mixing

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