The Other Parade 1999

Released 1999 (original release)
2003 (re-issue)
Genre Spoken word
Label TDRS Music (original release)
Perceval Press (re-issue)
Producer Viggo Mortensen


The Other Parade is the fourth studio album of the actor Viggo Mortensen, released in 1999. The album was out of print a year later but the demand for the album led to a small re-print on Mortensen’s label Perceval Press in 2003. The cover of the album features Japanese lettering.

A compilation was released in 2004 called This That and The Other which also compiles the albums One Less Thing to Worry About from 1997, One Man’s Meat from 1999, Pandemoniumfromamerica from 2003, and Please Tomorrow from 2004.

The album is the second collaboration between Viggo and avant-garde guitarist Buckethead. Further guests were his then wife Exene Cervenka from the band X, the keyboardist and producer Travis Dickerson, and D. J. Bonebrake. The album features the song “Massage School”, the closing song from his last album, Recent Forgeries. The album is a collection of mood-altering sound experiments.

Track listing

# Title Length
1. “Death of a Dentist”   2:30
2. “Massage School”   4:31
3. “Trouble at the Launchpad”   4:12
4. “Strike at the Wig Factory”   5:05
5. “The Other Parade”   8:15
6. “Room for Nine”   2:47
7. “Dream of the See-Saw Repairman”   3:30
8. “Night in an Animal Hospital”   3:52
9. “… 3, 4 …”   5:03


Buckethead – guitar, bass, robot, weeping, and shuffling

D. J. Bonebrake – drums, chorus, vibes, ropes, telephone, marimba, and vocals

Exene Cervenka – guitar, chorus, flags, and dog chorus

Brigit – vocals

Sarah P. Smith – trombone, chorus, plastic flute, and vocals

Hank C. Mortensen – piano, drums, thread, and chorus

Travis Dickerson – hammond organ, and woodpile

Zak Marmalefski: guitar, and chorus

Viggo Mortensen: motorcycle muffler, drill, chorus, percussion, keyboard, wheelchair, vocals, drums, and xylophone


Travis Dickerson – Edition, Mixing and Masterization

Viggo Mortensen – Edition, Mixing, Masterization, and producer

Buckethead – Edition, Mixing and Masterization


Tracks 1,2, 4-8 recorded live at Viggo’s, Venice, California

Tracks 3 and 9 recorded live at TDRS Music, Chatsworth, CA.


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