Please Tomorrow 2004

Released September 2004
Genre Spoken word
Length 40:37
Label TDRS Music
Perceval Press


Please Tomorrow is the seventh studio album from the actor Viggo Mortensen and the fifth collaboration with the avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, released in 2004. The album tells the story of a single “long night’s journey into day”. It is completely instrumental and written by Mortensen except for the last track of the album which was written by Buckethead. Henry Mortensen and the keyboardist, producer and owner of the label TDRS Music, Travis Dickerson, guested on the album.

Please Tomorrow is part of the compilation album This That and The Other, released the same year and compiling the albums One Less Thing to Worry About from 1997, One Man’s Meat from 1999, The Other Parade from 1999, and Pandemoniumfromamerica of 2003.

The seventh song, “Moonset”, can be downloaded for free on the label’s website.


# Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Swallows to bats”   Viggo Mortensen  
2. “Nocturne”   Viggo Mortensen  
3. “Dream One”   Viggo Mortensen  
4. “Dream Two”   Viggo Mortensen  
5. “Dream Three”   Viggo Mortensen  
6. “Frost”   Viggo Mortensen  
7. “Moonset”   Viggo Mortensen 1:23
8. “Sunrise”   Buckethead  


  • Viggo Mortensen – piano, organ, keyboards, percussion/drums, guitar, rhodes
  • Buckethead – guitars
  • Travis Dickerson
  • Henry Mortensen

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