One Man’s Meat 1999

Released November 1999
Recorded December 1998 – January 1999
Genre Spoken word
Length 31:11
Label TDRS Music
Producer Travis Dickerson


One Man’s Meat is the fifth studio album of the actor Viggo Mortensen released in 1999. It is Viggo’s third album to feature avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, as well as his ex wife Exene Cervenka, the keyboardist and producer Travis Dickerson, DJ Bonebrake, and also Lysa Flores, all from the label TDRS Music where Viggo released the album.

The album is long out of print but in 2004 the label released a compilation called This, That, and The Other which includes tracks of this album as well as parts of One Less Thing to Worry About from 1997, The Other Parade from 1999, Pandemoniumfromamerica from 2003, and Please Tomorrow of 2004. Viggo Mortensen said about the album:

An exploration of meat and meat by products conceived and performed by carnivores and vegetarians, for consumption by all.

Track Listing

# Title Length
1. “Birth”   1:13
2. “Barbecue Kingdom”   3:21
3. “Counting Calories”   1:16
4. “Inner Beauty”   6:19
5. “Go Bad”   0:54
6. “One Man’s Meat”   2:09
7. “Holy Communion”   2:26
8. “Koughka”   1:06
9. “Products”   0:29
10. “Chicken Surgery”   2:04
11. “To Market”   0:16
12. “Africa”   0:37
13. “Carne De Nino”   1:01
14. “Joe”   0:19
15. “Jack’s Box”   0:38
16. “Bette Davis, 1962”   0:45
17. “Fortune Cookies”   8:18




DJ Bonebrake

Exene Cervenka

Travis Dickerson

Adrian Esparza

Lysa Flores

Zak Marmalefsky

Hank Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Pilar Perez

Donita Sparks


Recorded live at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica

Track 10 recorded at Viggo’s in Venice, California

tracks 15 and 17 recorded at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios


Travis Dickerson – Producer, Masterization and mixing

Viggo Moryensen – Masterization and mixing


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