Live At Beyond Baroque II


Released September, 2004
Recorded November, 2003
Genre Spoken word
Length 85:18
Label Perceval Press


Live At Beyond Baroque II is the second live album from the actor Viggo Mortensen, released on 2004. The album was recorded on the literary space Beyond Baroque in Venice, California as well as his last live album Live At Beyond Baroque of 1999.

The album features the collaboration from Marvin Bell (Iowa Poet Laureate), Mike McGee (2003 National Poetry Slam Champion), Patricia Smith (author of Close to Death, nominee for the Pulitzer in journalism), Luis J. Rodriquez (author of Always Running, activist), Viggo Mortensen (poet, actor), Georganne Deen (author of Western Witch, Season of the, painter), Mark Eleveld (author of The Spoken Word Revolution), Saul Williams (author of Said the Shotgun to the Head), and Regie Gibson (author of Storms Beneath the Skin) with musical accompaniment by John Condron. The album contains a total of 33 tracks, divided on 2 disks. The CDs credits only show the performers but not the tracks.

CD 1

# Title Length
1. “Mark Eleveld”    
2. “Marvin Bell”    
3. “Mike McGee”    
4. “Patricia Smith”    
5. “Luis J. Rodriguez”    

CD 2

# Title Length
1. “Viggo Mortensen”    
2. “Georgeanne Deen”    
3. “Saul Williams”    
4. “Regie Gibson”    


  • Marvin Bell – spoken word
  • Mike McGee – spoken word
  • Patricia Smith – spoken word
  • Luis J. Rodriquez – spoken word
  • Viggo Mortensen – spoken word
  • Georganne Deen – spoken word
  • Mark Eleveld – spoken word
  • Saul Williams – spoken word
  • Regie Gibson – spoken word
  • John Condron – music accompaniment


  • Michele Perez – design
  • co-produced by Perceval Press and EM Press

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