Intelligence Failure 2005


Released 2005
Recorded TDRS Music
Chatsworth, CA
Genre Spoken word
Length 40:39
Label Perceval Press
Producer Viggo Mortensen


Intelligence Failure is the eighth studio album of the actor Viggo Mortensen and seventh with the avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, released on 2005. The album combines traditional and original compositions, as well as clips of public speeches, most notably of George W. Bush and members of his administration. The album also features the producer, and keyboardist Travis Dickerson as well as Viggo’s son, Henry Mortensen, who has regularly performed with his father, and Walter Mortensen. According to Viggo Mortensen when talking about the album he says:

Intelligence Failure is a musical ode to the dream of preserving loving, civilized society in trying, often cruel times. Rising above the deceit and greed that have plagued and eventually conquered all the world’s empires, there have always been brave individuals and isolated groups that have stubbornly refused to surrender their belief in humanity.

The album is dedicated to Casey, and Cindy Sheehan, their family, and all citizens in U.S.A. The label TDRS Music made available an excerpt of the song “What kind of Nation” from the album to be downloaded from their webpage.


# Title Length
1. “Demolition of the Willing”   7:25
2. “Voice of the People”   3:13
3. “Spain”   5:13
4. “Weapons of Mass Distraction”   7:27
5. “Why They Hate Us”   1:47
6. “It’s the Economy”   4:29
7. “Recess Disappointment”   2:09
8. “What Kind of Nation”   8:55


Viggo added the names of George W. Bush and members of his administration to the credits of the album because he used speeches that they made, not that they performed on the album.



Travis Dickerson

Henry Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Walter Mortensen

Speeches by

George W. Bush

Dick Cheney

C. Ray Nagin

Colin Powell

Condoleezza Rice

Karl Rove

Donald Rumsfeld

Cindy Sheehan

Howard Zinn


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